Increased Spell Damage Only and Petrificus Totalus 1 shots Like Avada Kedavra

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Increased Spell Damage Only and Petrificus Totalus 1 shots Like Avada Kedavra

This mod aims to only increase the damages done by spells. There are many spell mods out there right now but they all come with breaking shields, lowered cooldowns and other misc changes. So I made this mod to just increase spell damage. Comes in flavors of 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%.

I made this mod because I felt that the base damages of spells were very lacking, especially if you’re playing with increased Enemy HP and more enemies like me.

All spells now do their respective flavor’s percentage of increased damage. All values were rounded up. Non-damaging spells like Accio now do damage.

I highly recommend using this mod together with Harder Mode(s) and Accio Masochism – Enemies (More Enemies) + Accio Masochism – Enemies (Level Scaling). Variants are up to your preferences. I personally prefer 100% HP increase only (no dmg increase for enemies), level scaling classic plus boost and more enemies (even more).

Please use the mod merger to fine tune the mod to your liking (such as removing non-damage spells doing damage if you prefer it to not do damage) and to merge with any mods that modifies SQL data. This includes using any optional files I currently have. Otherwise the mods will conflict and not work.

If you have previously downloaded ‘Petrificus Totalus 1 shots like Avada Kedavra ver1.0’, please downloaded the newest version, ver2.0 as the older one did not work. My apologies!

Feedback and bug reports are welcome. I am also up for requests.

Happy spell casting!

To install drag and drop the .pak file into your ~mods folder. If the you dont have a ~mods folder, create one at “Phoenix\Content\Paks\~mods”.

Credits: PriscentSnow
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