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Automatic Benchmark runs to collect repeatable performance metrics for the game.

Benchmark Mod
Automatic benchmarking of Hogwarts Legacy using FrameView


  • NVidia FrameView (works with Radeon too) – NOTE: Benchmark hotkey must be set to Scroll Lock, and a Capture delay of 2-4 seconds should be set.
  • UE4SS

Automatically runs through pre-defined sequences across three selectable locations: Hogsmeade, Hogwarts Central Hall and Hogwarts Grounds

Each run will automatically do the following:

  • Reload the player at the nearest Floo location to the benchmark start point
  • Adjust time and weather settings (including activating a storm partway through the outdoor runs)
  • Hide player character, HUD, and refocuses camera location
  • Activate Frameview
  • Automatically path through a series of coordinates until it reaches the end position.
  • Deactivate Frameview

Installation Instructions:

1. Copy the contents of to {GameLocation}\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Binaries\Win64\Mods\BenchmarkMod\

2. Open FrameView, then double-click FrameViewToggle.exe. You should hear the activation sound go off. Double-click it again to de-activate. (You only have to do this once, just in case Windows blocks the exe by default. Alternatively you can right click > properties > unlock this file)

3. Make sure UE4SS does not have the GUI console running!
– To confirm, open UE4SS-settings.ini in the {GameLocation}\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Binaries\Win64\ folder. Find the [debug] section and make sure it looks like this:

ConsoleEnabled = 0
GuiConsoleEnabled = 0
GuiConsoleVisible = 0

4. Run the game and load a character.

5. Press F3 to begin the Hogsmeade Benchmark (if you have another mod that also uses F3, you probably want to disable it)

6. To change the benchmark location, open the in-game console (F10 by default, or ` )
– Type benchmark LOCATION_NAME where LOCATION_NAME is any of:
– Hogsmeade
– Hogwarts_Central_Hall
– Hogwarts_Grounds
– Then press F3 to run that location.

Planned Features:
Automatically do multiple benchmark runs at once (e.g. specify in the console “benchmark Hogsmeade 3” to run the Hogsmeade benchmark 3 times)
Work out a way to remove the console window from flashing up when FrameView is toggled (sometimes it shows up, sometimes it doesn’t.)
Better animation handling. The current system is a bit janky and character speed is set by slowing down the sprint animations since directly changing the speed curves does not work.
Find an alternative to the “SimpleMoveToLocation” function

Credits: Iridium IO
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