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Elegant Dark Arts Outfit

Hey people! This one was meant for personal use. Didn’t planned to mod this game but I couldn’t find a retexture that I liked so… be the change you want to see. Have 2 more outfits to go so keep an eye out for that!.

What’s new?
-Made the vest and buttons darker but you can still see the skulls if you get close.
-The jewel in the neck is now red.
-Shirt is lighter so it looks cleaner.
-Pants are darker but not too much.

Installation guide:
1) Download this
2) Extract your files and drop them in \Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks\~mods
if ~mods doest exist create one.
3) Profit.

This uses Chunk 203!!! Beware!!!

Credits: Lord Cobra
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  1. proudream says:

    Nice. The NPC stuff should’ve been the game default tbh.

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