Spell Helper – Spell Quick Casting

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Spell Helper – Spell Quick Casting

The Spell Helper mod allows players to directly cast spells without having them slotted on the bar. The mod achieves this by setting
hotkeys to each spell directly in the game using a logic mod that can be triggered by clicking the corresponding hotkey preset in the mod. The mod includes a in-game menu for setting hotkeys.

NOTE: This mod REQUIRES “Blueprint Apparate Modloader”
NOTE: This mod has not been even remotely extensively tested, there will be bugs, BACK UP YOUR SAVES.

Installation Instructions
1. To install, extra zip into the Hogwarts legacy rootfolder/Phoenix/Content/Paks.
2. Now enter the game and load the mod by opening the mod loader with ‘F8’, and typing ‘SpellHelper’ and press enter, the mod should now enter the list of the mod loader.
3. If you wish to customize your hotkeys press Shift+F10 while NOT in a menu, in this menu, you can set your hotkey by clicking the corresponding box next to each spell. Spells can also be turned off and on by click their icons, also make sure you exit the menu through the exit button, NOT esc, this will make the cursor go away, to bring it back just hitesc again.

Q. Can a spell I don’t have unlocked be cast?
Yes, if you enable them in the hotkey menu, you can cast them.

Q. Does spell casting work as well as it does if casting normally?
Very closely, however you can switch between spells a little faster than normal.

Credits: Pez
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