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Very Hard Mode

This mod makes the game harder by increasing the HPs, Damages, Reactions, Levels, and spawned number of enemies.

This mod modifies SQL data, so use Mod Merger to merge between other mods. It won’t work otherwise.

I did this mod following my personal taste in the matter of adding balance and fun to the game, so I hope that it may fit your taste as well.

The main changes of HARD MODE are:
x5+ HPs on enemies (thanks to WinterElfeas for the base values)
x2 Damage from enemies.
Increased Enemy’s Protego Cooldown to 3 (base is 0).
Increased Parryscare to 1.2, and PerfectParryScale to 0.6 to give you some fun/chance.
Spells Damages, CoolDowns, and Ranges are untouched.
The base cast’s damages (Stupefy) are balanced (fewer crazy crits and more constant damage).
The Enemies are more reactive, aggressive, and dangerous.
The number of spawned enemies is increased (thanks to WinterElfeas)
The Level of the enemies around the map scale with yours up to +5 (thanks to WinterElfeas and Cbraqz)
Now you can Freeze the Dragons instead of Burning them (maybe it wasn’t necessary, but it makes more sense to me)
Added 1% Legendary Loot Chance by humanoids enemies (after that much work killing them, a reward is well deserved) (thanks to Immusama)

If you like to add more challenges I personally suggest installing Less OP Ancient Magic Finisher by WinterElfeas which did a great job in the matter of balancing gameplay mods.

Very Hard Mode 1.3 is enjoyable during the story and quests.
Very hard Mode 2.3 is made for the late game (my favourite).

How to Install: To install the mod, simply extract the .PAK file to SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks\~mods or equivalent. If you do not have a ~mods folder, please create one at this time.

How to Uninstall: To uninstall the mod, simply delete the .PAK file from the ~mods folder.

So far I didn’t notice bugs, but please be prudent and make a backup of your saved files.

Suggestions and Improvements are always welcome.

Credits: dna21490
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