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(Ultimate Silencer) Puzzle Hint Voiceover Remover

Removes the puzzle hint voiceovers from playing during puzzle rooms, Hogsmead, Exploration and more. Also optionally remove Demiguise hints.

If you want them all, you can choose just NoPuzzleHintsAIO (All in One) – Check Optional Files for optional extras

[OR] choose each module that you’d like silenced.

Extract the file(s) to C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks\~mods\

Puzzles Module: silences hints under the following categories:
Ancient Magic, Archway Puzzles, Dissending for Sweets, Mini Puzzles, Moth Puzzles, Platforms, Spell Hints
(See What’s Included for more information)
Companions Module: Silences hints/spoilers companions say
Other modules: Self explanatory.[/size]

What’s Included?
Here’s everything I’ve added so far.

Ancient Magic:
I presume I’m looking for traces of ancient magic. But where?

Archway Puzzles:
Things are definitely different on either side of the archway but how?
Perhaps the other way’s more promising.
Perhaps I’m heading the wrong way.
Perhaps I should go the other way.
Is it possible to pull one of those blocks through the archway?
Certain things appear only when I’m on one side of an archway.
I must remember to examine these archways from both sides.
Now to see what’s changed on each side of this archway.
The room changes when I move in and out of the archway.
Seems I ought to explore this archway from both sides.
That looks like a different room through the archway
When I pass through the archway I enter another room entirely. A new room.
Perhaps I can only move objects while I’m on the other side of the archway.
I need to see how the room changes when I move in and out of the archway.
Is there any way to reposition this archway?
So that’s it. I need to use both sides of the archway to get the platform to the other side of the bridge.
What did that burst of magic change on both sides of the archway? Something must be different.
What did that burst of magic do? Perhaps I should examine things from both sides of the archway.
After pulling the block out through the archway I can place it where it can be climbed on while on the other side of …
Hitting those marks readjusts the archways. Perhaps there’s a way forward from the other side of this one.
Perhaps I’m to hit the mark on the far wall. That sort of thing has repositioned the archways in the past.
If I arrange the archway correctly I should be able to move the pillar and clear the path.
I need to reposition the pillar whilst on one side of the archway so that I can climb it on the other side of the arc…
I need to reposition that pillar to climb out of here. Perhaps the archway is the answer.
I need to get back up there. Perhaps I have to go through the archway again.
Things appear and disappear depending upon which side of an archway I’ve accessed.

What do we have here? A Demiguise.
A Demiguise.
A Demiguise?
Mine now Demiguise.

Dissending for Sweets:
I need to find a way to open that gate.
I’m going to have to get past this.
That must be the way out of here.
This looks like the right statue. Now what was the password?
This must be the way out.
A lift. Must be how I get down. Looks broken though

Hm. Either I’ll have to fight that trollor avoid it altogether.
It seems as though things are getting worse. Best be on my guard.
Abandoned long ago no doubt.
Who lived here I wonder?
Where does this one lead? Off the beaten path I suspect.
Wonder if I’m safe to explore in there.
This looks intriguing.
Wonder who lives here?
I should investigate.
Not sure how I’d fare in a little place like this.
This could prove dangerous if I’m not careful.
There’s no telling what lies in wait for me in there.
It’s like a place right out of a story book.
Hm. Seems a pleasant enough little place.
A castle. Must have been quite stately in its time.
The cave must be somewhere in thismaze. I wonder what else is in here.
Mysterious and a bit unsettling. What to do?

Hostile Area
Hm. Not the best place for an unaccompanied student.
Trouble’s brewing and I’m without my friends.
Perhaps not the best place to be caught alone.
I don’t like the looks of that encampment.
Goodness. Not a party to attend by myself.

Hogsmeade here I come.
Sometimes it seems all roads lead to Hogsmeade.
Does it get any more cosy than Hogsmeade?

Oho here’s a pleasant surprise.
Let’s see what’s up your sleeve this time Merlin.
I know what that means. Merlin Trial.
I know a Merlin Trial when I see one.
Could it be? A Merlin Trial?
These Merlin Trials won’t get the best of me.

Another boiler. But it’s not boiling.
There’s a pillar here but no ledge near it for me to grab onto.
That didn’t stay glowing for long and the door didn’t open. Hmm.
A boiler door. How to open it?
Another boiler. Crafty goblins.
We’re being watched. By a door.
These runes must have something to do with opening this door.
The door is looking at us.
We won’t get through as long as we can be seen by that eye.
I wonder if I need to place lanterns to open these doors.
I need to move the blocks into place to jump this gap.
I believe I need to proceed to the left here but how?
That pillar is blocking the path. I’ll need to move it.
There must be some sort of mechanism for this doorway.
I need to light all three before they time out on me.
I need to align these statues with their reflections.
I need to get the reflections to follow the light.
I need to find a way into the gatehouse to open the gate for Natty.
I need to find a way up that ledge.
Well that didn’t work. Perhaps something with a bit more force.
Disillusionment should get us through that door.
These devices run on steam power.
A ladder that’s what I need.
There must be another rune somewhere around here.
I need to hurry things up. The runes have reset.
I’d better light these boilers if I want to go any further.
I should follow the treasure to find that Niffler.
Hm I may have more luck higher up in the keep.
Perhaps these blocks can be moved.
Perhaps I should get the blocks back to the starting position.
Perhaps casting at that object over there will help somehow.
Perhaps I need to align the statues with their reflections
Perhaps the lanterns are meant to be hung on the hands.
Perhaps I need to get them all to stand at once.
Perhaps the next symbol is hidden somewhere.
Perhaps I can find a way to reveal the path.
I suppose I should try to find all the vases.
Perhaps a spell would help open this door.
Why are there so many vases around here?
Perhaps one of these guards has the key.
It appears that one glowing rune alone is not going to solve this puzzle.
What’s that hanging there? Looks precarious.
I’ll need to look around for the symbol.
If I light the boiler the door should open.
I ought to stand on the pillar as it ascends.
There is. I’ve seen symbols like these before. I need to find all of them then cast at them quickly in success…
I wonder if I can hit the rune with a spell.
Ah. I need to ‘wake up’ that rune over there.
I know there’s a mechanism to open this door.
I must unseal that door mechanism to escape.
The moths match the shapes I saw on the door.
We’ll need to get across this gap somehow.
We need to break its line of sight somehow.
This door must need power from something.
I should try lighting that furnace. It must be connected to the boiler door.
If this is anything like last time I need to fire up this boiler to supply power to the pipes.

Moth Puzzles:
Hmm. If I could power it somehow it looks like it could be rotated.
I need to bring moths to the door.
This has a moth imprinted on it the same as the door.
I know! Depulso should set this spinning.
The moth stopped. Perhaps I need to keep casting Lumos on it.
Perhaps I should try casting Lumos near that moth.
Perhaps some light will lead these moths to the door.
I ought to see how the moth reacts to Lumos.
I see. This is supposed to spin. But how?

That platform is just out of reach.
If I could summon that platform to me I could likely get on it.
That platform looks like it ought to get me where I need to go.
Making this spin ought to raise that platform. That must be it.
That platform ought to be able to float straight to me.
Accio should bring that platform right to me.
Something is getting in the way of that platform.
I can use Accio on that platform below.
I wonder if I can move that platform somehow.
Need to get that platform closerbut how?
Hmm. Only two lanternsbut three spots. Perhaps I should move them around to open the door and build the platform.
Accio ought to bring that platform closer. That could help bridge the gap.
What if I stood on one platform and used Accio on the other? That ought to work.

Spell Hints:
This place has seen better days.
Not powerful enough. Perhaps Depulso will do.
Revelio could be useful here.
Perhaps I should use Protego.
These rocks have seen better days.
Was it Accio I used before?
Casting Levioso ought to raise the tree out of the ground.
Perhaps Accio would help.
I’m going to have to use Accio to get to those books.
I believe I need to use Accio on the pile of bones.
I should try casting Depulso to move those blocks.
Looks rather dark in there. Never stopped me before.
These look familiar.
Revelio ought to make quick work of this.
I should use Reparo on this broken armour.
Incendio should get this boiler working.
Expelliarmus ought to disarm you brutes.
Perhaps I should cast Accio to get that frame out of the way first.
I know just the spell to repair this armour.
Perhaps I should use Levioso to lift the box and then climb on top of it.
Incendio ought to light the boiler and provide some power to these machines.
The candles correspond to the handles I’m to pull in order to open the way forward. Accio should do the trick.

amitkakkar: Boiler doors usually need to be lit to operate. This one’s probably no exception.
amitkakkar: Couldn’t be simpler really. Light a boiler to power it up. Then we can proceed.
amitkakkar: I saw a boiler door on our way down. Perhaps we should take a closer look there.
amitkakkar: I see. Accio should easily engage the handle. Marvellously clever.
amitkakkar: I wonder if the boiler powers the lever. I suspect it must.
amitkakkar: Steam powered obviously.
amitkakkar: These machines operate on steam. Interesting.
amitkakkar: This must be a boiler. It needs to be heated to function properly.
amitkakkar: Try lighting that furnace. It must be connected to the boiler door.
eleazarfig: Is there something to those symbols on the walls?
everettclopton: Boiler doors usually need to be lit to operate. This one’s probably no exception.
everettclopton: I saw a boiler door on our way down. Perhaps we should take a closer look there.
everettclopton: Try lighting that furnace. It must be connected to the boiler door.
imeldareyes: Boiler doors usually need to be lit to operate. This one’s probably no exception.
imeldareyes: I saw a boiler door on our way down. Perhaps we should take a closer look there.
imeldareyes: Try lighting that furnace. It must be connected to the boiler door.
natsaionai: Boiler doors usually need to be lit to operate. This one is probably no exception.
natsaionai: I saw a boiler door on our way down. Perhaps we should take a closer look there.
natsaionai: Try lighting that furnace. It must be connected to the boiler door.
natsaionai: We must discover which way he went. Revelio will show us his path.
noratreadwell: Clearly all three of these pyres are meant to be lit.
ominisgaunt: Is time a factor? Try lighting all three braziers with Confringo before any have gone out.
ominisgaunt: Perhaps all three braziers need to be lit at the same time.
ominisgaunt: Perhaps not all dials are the same. There may be a different set of symbols for each.
poppysweeting: Boiler doors usually need to be lit to operate. This one’s probably no exception.
poppysweeting: I saw a boiler door on our way down. Perhaps we should take a closer look there.
poppysweeting: Perhaps the runes on the walls have something to do with finding the moths.
poppysweeting: Try lighting that furnace. It must be connected to the boiler door.
sebastiansallow: Bombarda may be the way to go.
sebastiansallow: Reparo may be the answer here.
sebastiansallow: Boiler doors usually need to be lit to operate. This one’s probably no exception.
sebastiansallow: Hm perhaps try Reparo.
sebastiansallow: I saw a boiler door on our way down. Perhaps we should take a closer look there.
sebastiansallow: I’d imagine we’d need to find all three rune symbols to open the door.
sebastiansallow: If this archway’s been barricaded we can find a way through.
sebastiansallow: Look bones stacked oddly on either side of this archway.
sebastiansallow: Perhaps the symbols on another gate will match this dial.
sebastiansallow: Perhaps try casting at them in a different order and be as quick as you can.
sebastiansallow: Perhaps we can find something to levitate.
sebastiansallow: Perhaps we can mend the bridge to get across the chasm.
sebastiansallow: Perhaps we need to pull the handles in the order of the symbols on the tablets.
sebastiansallow: That bridge has seen better days.
sebastiansallow: There may be something to this pile of rubble.
sebastiansallow: These runes must be connected somehow try casting at them more quickly.
sebastiansallow: Try lighting that furnace. It must be connected to the boiler door.
sebastiansallow: Try mending the stairs. Reparo should work.
sebastiansallow: Try using Accio to bring that bone pile to the archway.
sebastiansallow: We need something sturdy to stand on.

Companions Extra
midresmalea: Rumours are swirling about what you and Professor Fig could be up to.
midresmalec: Duncan owes his reputation to you.
ominisgaunt: Heard you and Sebastian traversed a mountain in Loyalist territory. You know that sort of thing could have got you bo…

All included languages now supported!

Feel free to share any hints you hear that aren’t already in What’s Included, or lines incorrectly silenced.

v10 – Silenced stealth doors, various other doors, runes, furnaces, boilers and some lines missed in other languages
v9.1 – Silenced hints from the 2nd trial
v9 – More lines squashed. Started an optional file to remove the comments in hostile areas, see below.
v8 – Silenced some more boiler, exploration and moth puzzle hints. Restored Eleazar dialogue line. Please delete old files as new file name.
v7 – Many lines added. Optional Demiguise file for all (not part of the AIO package by request)
v6 – Choices:

Separated thousands of lines into categories so you can choose which parts you want silenced. Optional Exploration and Merlin files added.

v5 – Companions update:
Silenced Sebastian from spoiling your puzzles. In the process I’ve picked up some initial lines from Amit, Poppy, Eleazar, Imelda, Natsai and Everett. See updated list below (categorized now for convenience). Please tell me if any lines aren’t hints.

Some quality of life Exploration lines still included.
Added multiple lines that slipped through in some languages.
Removed a couple of unrelated lines that slipped through.

Credits: Haywire
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