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Custom Settings – Allowing Custom Requests

Various game-play changes. Currently contains 2 options for balanced changes to the Room of Requirement, and various custom requests by users.

Allowing custom requests from you, for you.

Custom Settings V1:
changed conjuring limit to 99
removed conjuring placement restrictions
allows vivarium items in RoR
allows RoR items in vivariums
allows recolor of almost everything
allows resize of almost everything
changed vivarium limit to 99 animals and 13 species (does not scroll for active list but allows more than 12 animals)
changed all potions to yield 2
changed all potion brew times to 30 seconds
changed all plants to 2 minute growth time
changed *all plants to yield 5 (*tentacula yields 2, mandrake and cabage yield 1)
changed all beasts to yield 5

Custom Settings V2:
removed conjuring placement restrictions
changed conjuring limit to 99

Custom Requests:
Will be uploaded under the optional section in the files tab, once complete – with your username tacked on.
Please review the previous custom requests, as what you want may already be available.

Simply drag and drop the unzipped V1 or V2 into your mods folder, located at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks\~mods

If there is no ~mods folder, create it. (Yes, include the ~)

Select only V1 or V2 when copying the extracted zip file to your mods folder, NOT BOTH.

Compatibility: If you have any other mods which edit “PhoenixShipData.sqlite” (Database in Hogwarts Legacy) you will need to merge them together using Hogwarts Mod Merger.

If you would like for me to try tweaking any other settings, just ask and I’ll try to figure it out when I have time. I’ll upload any requests here to expand the version list to fit everyone’s needs/wants.

It can be anything that the base game already has. EX: spell cooldowns, RoR stuff, etc.

Changing these settings simply requires searching through the database file for Hogwarts Legacy, and changing values. It is not difficult but takes time to figure out what each tag-value needs to be changed, in order to get the effect(s) you want. Please be patient with any and all requests for tweaks.

Credits: matt1159
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