Remove Level Requeriment from Missions

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Remove Level Requeriment from Missions

Removes the level requeriment from all missions, the original level requeriment is showed as suggested level after opening quest log as reference.

Removes the level requeriment from all missions for those that don’t like restrictions in open world games, for those using low level mods that want to do “lowest level run possible” like I tend to do at hard difficulty for a challenge (or lvl 1 runs), or those that just want to rush the history with an easy difficulty without farming for some missions.

The original level requeriment is showed as suggested level after opening quest log as reference (for those that want to know if they are underleveled or already over the original level). Doesn’t matter if the suggested level number is red, it only means that your level is lower than the suggested one.

Tested it for the first mission that required level 2 when I was level 1 (normally you are level 2 at least at that point but I used a mod to stay at low level), tested it with out merging it with other mods and worked fine.

In case of any error let me know.

Ignore that the file says “MainMissions”, it removes the level requeriments from all missions (main or not), not sure if there is any sidequest that has level requirements, but if there is then the level requeriment is removed too.

Jump to Installation if you don’t care why I create this mod: after exploring Hogwarst castle at the beggining I didn’t liked I was overleveling because is impossible for me to not explore it as a big HP fan, so I restarted from the beggining using mods to stay at low level (I may even create one later for even lower levels after beating it for a really low level run or a lvl1 rush if that is possible), that way I could be able to explore more with out worry of overleveling, but didn’t knew that the main missions had level requeriments, reason for this mod (and also because I heard the game makes you level up at some point if you don’t sidetrack that much, something I dont like too if I get to that point). Later I may create a mix of this mod with enemies that have higher level scaling stats plus a balanced exp requeriments, that way we don’t overlevel/underleveled that much and making trait points more balanced (just heard about them so not sure how important trait points are, I need to beat the game first to have a notion of what kind of changes I would like to do to find the balance between level increase and enemies stats scaling, because being underleveled means less build versatility that makes it sometimes boring, and being overleveled just makes you care less about your build also making it boring too if that is something in this game like in Elden Ring or many more games, at least this one has proper stat level scaling for enemies from what I saw in the files giving more ways to tune the game to our preferences).

Extract RemovedLevelRequerimentMainMissions.pak file inside the .zip at: \Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks\~mods\ (create ~mods folder if needed, also if for some reason the mod doesn’t work read the notes below).

Delete the file at your ~mods folder (not sure what could happen if you doid after starting a mission with out the original level requeriment, will taste it later)

This mod changes PhoenixShipData.sqlite file, it may not work if you are using another one that use that same file and overrides this mod. Use mod merger to use them together or delate/remane any mod that override this one (or adding as many “z” as needed at the beggining of a mod file to make it be the one that loads at the end overriding the others, for example zzzzRemovedLevelRequerimentMainMissions.pak). In case there is no other mod that conflicts with this one but still doesn’t work, then try changing the name of the file to RemovedLevelRequerimentMainMissions_P.pak (or what ever you want, just make sure in ends with _P.pak)

Recommended mods with this one:
I like to use this mod with at least those that reduce the exp gained from missions/assigments or the ones that increase the exp required to level up(I prefer the ones that require more exp the higher level you are like most rpgs like Alternate Experience Levels exponential one). With out mods of those types hardly you will need this mod (haven’t played that much yet so I could be wrong, still setting up/editing/creating mods xD will release some of them later after I properly tested them in case no one has released something alike). Also recommend using Killer XP since the mods that modify experience makes it imposible to reach max level (correct me if I am wrong).

Credits: RaoRazgul -Cocoloco-
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