V’s Gameplay Rebalance

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V’s Gameplay Rebalance

Aims to make enemies feel less like damage sponges and flesh out some aspects that bothered me during my playthrough. Spells will feel more like they should, according to their strength, and enemies will be more punishing.

I always felt the damages in this game were too low, and some damages weren’t really fitting. I also thought I was hoarding too many potions.

Current changes:
Most of the damage you do is increased and more accurately reflect the spell you are using. For example confringo’s damage is more than twice the default to make it actually feel like a blast, crucio now feels like it does some damage (it’s 4x the default damage but is still weaker than a normal attack). Incendio’s damage was increased, but not as much as the others since it was strong by default.
Enemies deal more damage to you (Usually twice the damage, but I’ll make changes as I see fit).
Avada kedavra’s cd has been halved (45s), vanilla cd is way too high and since the other curses had 20s cd and 30s cd I thought this would be just right.
Tweaked some cooldowns (such as expelliarmus and diffindo) to better fit the damage adjustments and their particular fuctionality.
Changes to difficulty, decreased parry window from 5 to 2 (story difficulty) and from 3.5 to 1.5 (easy difficulty) and damage recieved has been increased from .2 to .5 (in story difficulty, which is still lower than easy’s default .65). Increased lower level enemy health by 50% and higher level enemy damage by 20%. Enemy attacks will be more frequent (except in hard, which is still the same)
Sell values now are about 50 less than the money they cost (I rounded them a bit so it’s not exactly 50 less in all of them)
Gear is now divided into Early-game, Mid-game and Late-game, all the gear in each level range (1-15, 16-22, 22+) will have exactly the same stats (plus a small bonus if epic or legendary) to encourage upgrading stuff.

– Added a variant with just the spell damage being changed

To install just drop the pak inside \Phoenix\Content\Paks\~mods

Credits: venomweb99
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