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Ever wished to be able to play any animations ? Now you can.
Thanks to winterelfeas for the UI help.

1. Extract the zip inside Hogwarts Legacy root folder […]/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Hogwarts Legacy/
2. Install Blueprint_Apparate ModLoader
3. press F8 and type PlayAnyAnimation
4. Restart the game and press F8 (Default) to open the in-game menu

– Folder Explorer (Lets you explore folders found inside /Game/Animation like you would do in FModel)
– See only animations of the folder you have selected
– Search bar for the current folder you are (Supports keywords and “Package Name w/o extension” found in FModel)
– Position helper to move your character as you wish for better animations depending on the context
– Rotation helper to rotate your character as you wish for better animations depending on the context
– For any animation: you can click on the loop to set whether the animation will loop forever or be a one-way-stop (default).
– Click on the bottom button “Stop any current playing animation” to reset the character to it’s normal state
– Press F9 to open the menu and the “X” on the top right to close it.
– Press F9 to close the menu if your game lost focus


–> Some animations can’t be displayed / found (even if shown in FModel) and that’s an unfixable bug
–> While you somehow unfocus the game and cast a spell while playing an animation / before clicking “Stop any current playing animation”, the character will not be able to move forever and you’ll have to restart the game.
–> Because of that: before playing any animations, be sure you already saved your progress thanks.

Credits: YouYouTheBoxx
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