Immersive Gritty ReShade inspired by first HP movies

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Immersive Gritty ReShade inspired by first HP movies

Make your game look cozy, contrasting and warm – like the first HP movies. No FPS drop.

A ReShade fixing the bleak, desaturated visuals of the game to make it look more like it’s from the first HP movies.

This is a preset I’ve created for myself, to enhance my HL experience. It’s been tested in various environments and against all skin tones, so everything should be clearly visible, without altering too much the feeling of the menu as well.

No fps drop – it’s a detailed levels/contrast/temperature/tint fix, no extra effects added.

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It warms the entire in-game palette, making the world look more cozy and nostalgic (much like the first movies)
It sharpens the image and removes game’s blurriness (you can turn off DLSS sharpening in the game options)
Makes nights feel truly dark and cool, and days feel more warm and sunny. By tweaking the levels the highlights look brighter and shadows look deeper.
Makes colors more vivid and contrasting to each other, removing the desaturated, bleak feeling of the original color grading.
Overall enhances the game immersion by providing more sharp, vivid, and thus stimulating visuals.

1. Install the latest ReShade :
a) add the Hogwarts Legacy Game by clicking “Browse”, navigating to (Main Directory)\Phoenix\Binaries\Win64 folder and clicking “HogwartsLegacy.exe”
b) for the rendering api select “Direct X 10/11/12”
c) select the following packages to install:
– SweetFX by CeeJay
– qUINT by Marty McFly
– Legacy effects
d) next, next next… until the installation finishes.

2. Extract the mod archive content
Extract the mod archive content (folder Phoenix) to the main game directory.

3. Boot the game
Wait for the menu to load and press [Home] keyboard button to display the ReShade menu. Click “Continue”, next expand the ReShade Presets list and click “Gritty Reshade inspired by first HP movies”. Click “Select” to apply the ReShade.

4. Adjust brightness (optional)
If the game looks too bright/too dark, adjust the brightness by navigating to “Settings” >> “Display Options” >> “Image calibration”. Adjust the slider and leave the menu (F10) to see if the changes work for you. If needed, repeat the process.

This ReShade does not work with any other ReShade mods.

Credits: integral89
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